Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best YA Novel Character - Round 5

Round 5!

The Results are in:

The character being voted off in Bold:

Harry - 44%
Hermione - 28%
Katniss - 28%

So let the last round of voting begin!

Katniss  VS   Hermione

Who do you think should win?

Some video's to help refresh your memories about the characters:

So who is your favorite?


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And Remember:

* 9th - 12th - Votes on which of the 2 top YA characters should win will be cast!
* 13th - The winner will be revealed!


Jackson said...

What a difficult debate! Katniss is such a strong heroine who fights for everything she holds dear, but that can't discredit the fact that Hermione steals away her parents' memories of her to keep them safe!
Both ladies are smart and use their brains before any attacking. Katniss is feisty, but so is Hermione in her own right.

We could debate over this for hours! #Imanerdandproudofit

Mary @SweepingMe said...

Voted and Tweeted!


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