Monday, July 4, 2011

Lauren and Lu’s Reviews

Books should be talked about, and even if you hate them at least they can give you a good conversation. My opinion of a book often changes a little when I discuss it with someone, because they show me things I didn’t notice before, or a new way of seeing things. So my friend Lauren from [Violin in a Void] had an idea to do something interesting, a joint review – an argument, I thought it was a brilliant plan! Lauren and I have very different tastes and expectations, and we’ll bring those together in joint reviews with in-depth discussions about the topics that are most important to us. As a result, I’m very happy to introduce Lauren and Lu’s Reviews!

I enjoy any book with a good plot. I do appreciate good writing, but that can only take me so far. Give me great characters and surprising twists and I’m all yours!  I prefer Mystery, Paranormal and Young Adult, but I dabble in all types of genres. I read to get away from life and to enjoy myself. I want to be whisked away to Hogwarts and be snatched up by vampires, as long as there is a good point to it.

Lauren on the other hand, enjoys most kinds of speculative fiction, and cross-genre fiction always peaks her interest, but mostly she just likes books with something unusual about them. However, she doesn’t read much YA fiction, and avoids romance and chick lit like the plague.

She can be fairly demanding. Writing is important to her – it’s just as much a part of the book as the plot or characters, with just as much potential to make it better or worse. She will never say that a book was good but the writing was bad, because in her opinion that’s not a good book. However, she is a sucker for great ideas, so authors can always score a few points for being inventive and insightful.

Lauren reads for lots of reasons – entertainment, vicarious experience, curiosity, escape, learning, trying to see what’s behind the awards/hype/status.

Together Lauren and I will review books by comparing our different opinions, and you get the benefit of two perspectives instead of just one. We’re both really excited about our new feature, and can’t wait to get going, so check back tomorrow for a Lauren and Lu Review of A Game of Thrones.


Belle said...

This is a fantastic idea, can't wait to read your joint reviews!

Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm so excited for our new feature!

Chrizette said...

I will be back to read your reviews :)

danya said...

Sounds like fun! It's always neat to see two different perspectives on a book :)

Lu said...

Thanks guys :) We will probably post the reviews soon!

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