Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am Team Unicorn!

The Zombie vs. Unicorn Challenge is happening at vvb32reads in celebration of Zombie vs Unicorn, an anthology out this month!

And I am Team Unicorn!


Why you ask?

* Well they are aweseme for one!
* They are in Harry Potter :P (Thx Fiona)
* They smell like cookies
* They can kick Zombie ass by impaling them with their horns!
* There isn't blood dripping all over them
* They can fly!
* They once again kick Zombie ass by using their laser beams that come out of their horns! (yes you read right).

Now really I don't think I need to go on, point made :)

What team are you?


Fi-chan (Bookish-Escape) said...

The last point, wow!!!! Woohoo, team unicorn all the way!

throuthehaze said...

YAAY! Team Unicorn!

Sullivan McPig said...

Once again Team Unicorn has proven they are quite delusional. I pity you.

vvb32 reads said...

ooo, laser beams?

Lu said...

lol yea laser beams!

You wish McPig!

Zombie Girrrl said...

Zombies were in Harry Potter,too! You remember a little thing called infiri?

brizmus said...

heh, I wonder what a unicorn would really smell like - I've now read horse, cupcakes, and cookies.


Chrystal said...

go team unicorn

Misty said...

Yeah!!!! Welcome to the (RIGHT) team!!

Giada M said...

I like the last reason! XD Team Unicorns!

Black Disaster Fairy said...

Me too... I'm all about the unicorn.

Black Disaster Fairy

ylime1981 said...

Team Unicorn, baby, all the way!!!

Zombie Girrrl said...

Technically, it's pegusi that fly. Unicorns just barf rainbows. (haha)

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