Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekly Question

Do you prefer audio books, e-books or just a normal book?

There is nothing like holding a real book in my hands and turning the pages!
E-books and audio books do have their uses, but i'll always long for a real book :)


Hott Books - Gina said...

Well, now, that depends.
There are quite a few audibooks that I love - generally classics because for some reason hearing them works much better for me than reading them.
I love hardbacks sometimes - especially when i want to relax in the tub.
But for most days & most times the convenience and portability of carrying around my entire library is for me so I generally pick up an ebook first.

Great question! Thanks!

Lu said...

Love your answer! I like to see how we all differ :)

Savannah said...

I loved having a book in my hands. I can't do e-books. My vision sucks and well sitting in front of a computer just makes my eyes hurt. A book for me is just easier to throw in my purse carry it around and take it out to read. I also have a 18 month old, so a book is better. If he get a hold of it, I won't worry about him destroying it. Now I have not tried audio books. I don't think I will be able to listen to them, since I have my son when I read, I can still listen to whats he is doing. Its just better for me to have a book in my hands. Plus the feel and smell of a new book I love!

Lu said...

The feel and smell definitely can't be replaced!

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