Thursday, August 12, 2010

Booking Through Thursday!

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"Have your reading choices changed over the years? Or pretty much stayed the same?"

I have always been a multi-genre reader and i still am. I do find that i loved mysteries more as a child and that i don't read as many now (the occasional James Patterson etc). Maybe i should pick up some more and see if i still love it as much!


The Social Frog said...

My choices have changed a bit through the years but I am thinking I need to try a mystery or two, I have had a hard time getting into them but maybe I can find a good one.

MizB said...

Try Linda Fairstein, or Kathy Reichs. Both are great mystery writers. "The Bone Vault" (Fairstein), and "Deja Dead" (Reichs).

Lori said...

My preference didn't so much change, as it did...evolve. Here's My BTT

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