Thursday, July 15, 2010

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"Well, folks, I don’t know about where you are, but right here, it’s HOT.

So … when you think about “hot reading,” what does that make you think of? Beach reading? Steamy romances? Books that take place in hot climates? Or cold ones?"
Well where I am its cold!

But when I think about hot reading I definitely think about steamy romances in front of fires on rugs, on the beach or in a hot tub. So I guess all three!

My Hot Read Reccomendation would be:

Night Embrace (Dark-Hunter, #3)
Sherrilyn Kenyon


Harris Channing said...

Your answer and mine are similar! Please check out my reply:

Sa Toya said...

Lurve your answer-I'm not big on romance novels to be honest but I do enjoy a good erotic novel with romance within.

I love the image of a big rug and fire-nice blog too!

Heres mine!

Sa Toya said...

Hope you get some warmth soon!

Lu said...

Thank you! My toes are freezing :( Think I'm going to climb in bed with a good book :)

Chasidy Jean said...

Night Embrace is one of my favorite paranormal reads. I never get tired of talon. I mean, seriously, he's really... wowza. The fact he wears leathers AND rides a motorcycle? Um, hello!!!

You should check out J.R Ward's Lover Unbound. Vishous is one hot Dom.

Lu said...

I love The Black Dagger Brotherhood series! But i must say, Zadist is my fav :)

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