Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest Review: Babe in Boyland

Babe in Boyland by Jody Gehrman 

As Reviewed by my Guest Reviewer Lauren

Published February 17th 2011 by Dial
Hardcover, 292 pages

This book made me realize that there is a certain subset of young adult fiction that really should be left to the genuinely young and not so adults. This book was just so twee! (not to be confused with tween, although there is a great play on words in there). I want to bitch slap the main characters for being such dense, one dimensional, unoriginal morons.

As I said I am not exactly the target demographic this book was aimed at but I do remember being 15, what I don't remember is being that naive! But to be on the safe side I gave the book an extra star in case there is a genuinely curious teenage girl out there who doesn't have a brother, father, male friend or relative and does not own a television and has never watched a movie or read 17 magazine or Cosmo girl and really, truly (like with sparkly rainbow and unicorn wishes) wants to know "What are boys really like?" Yuk!

2/5 Stars



.alana. said...

hahaha love this review. This is pretty much how I felt about Anna and the French kiss..."like totally".

Belle said...

Oh that's a shame! I wanted to read this one because of the adorable cover.

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