Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Deadlands

Deadlands by

Published February 2011 by Penguin 
Paperback, 293 pages
Source: Won in a Penguin SA competition

"Ten years after Cape Town was destroyed in the War with the living dead, zombies ramble free in Cape Town's suburbs (known as the Deadlands), and the remaining living are either in fenced in on farms or in urban shantytowns.

The living are watched over by the mysteriously robed Guardians, a race of humanoid figures who appeared at the end of the War and who keep the living dead at bay, albeit for a steep price. Every year the Guardians stage a human Lottery and select five aspiring teenagers to be whisked out of the enclave for a secret purpose. To be one of the chosen five is a highly sought after and prestigious accolade.

No one (yet) knows why it is that the Guardians prize teenage bodies so highly, how they control the zombies or what they look like under the robes that cover their bodies...

- From Goodreads



At first I thought that I might not like this book as zombies does sound like a terrifying subject, but the author made it work! With just the right amount of horror, mystery and post-apocalyptic feel, you get drawn straight into the story and you will be delighted at the twists and turns.

You can easily visualize everything in this book and I think that it would make a terrific movie or TV series. I must say I liked all the references to movies, books etc. in this novel (the main character even donning a Team Jacob t-shirt at one stage). It made the world seem more real and some of the characters sound like someone you would know.

The ending leaves some unanswered questions and I really hope there won't be a love-triangle in the future! I think any South African would appreciate its grittiness as well as the South African slang and references.

The novel is exciting, fast paced and it make you think. What would you do in such a situation? The only complaint I have is that I felt like I have heard aspects of the story before.

Mild spoiler:

For all the Twilight haters out there, there is even a scene where a stack of Twilight novels get used as weapons and thus gets chucked at the zombies!!/herne13

"Everything's better with zombies - NOT"



Shelagh said...

Glad you ended up enjoying Deadlands Lu. :) That scene with the Twilight books was classic!

ShelaghThe Word Fiend

Kat said...

Big lol in regards to the Twilight books being used as weapons. This one looks and sounds really fascinating-- I wish it was available in the US! South African slang... I really don't think I know any, but it would be interesting to read a South African book with slang and a kind of glossary at the back to help us international people. Great review. :)

Niecole said...

Sounds exciting... I might have to get a copy.
I've recently gotten into the whole zombie thing, and zombies in Cape Town just sounds like fun!

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I keep saying over and over that I need to read a zombie book, but I haven't yet gotten around to it. Great review!

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