Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry Potter Premier's through the ages

Harry Potter Premier's

I thought I'd post some Harry Potter Premier Pics. Its always funny to see actors in real life and not as their character. Here are the Harry Potter Premier's through the ages:

Philosopher Stone:

Chamber of Secrets:

Prisoner of Azkaban:

Goblet of Fire:

Order of the Pheonix:

Deathly Hallows Part 1

Deathly Hallows Part 2

I hope you enjoyed this magical journey as much as I did!


lonewolf said...

I love Harry Potter. I had my own post of them thoughout the years, though I didn't do the premiere picures. It was them throughout the movies.

Anyway, like the post.

Belle said...

*tear* Great post!

Anonymous said...

Emma Watson is so stylish. I love her with short hair - she looks like a pixie. She looks absolutely amazing in that little lacy black dress.

Niecole said...

Love it!
Wow, Emma has changed the most, and I agree with you Lauren, she looks great with the short hair!
I love ALL of them, they've done an amazing job on all the films.

Do you still remember little Hermione crying when they didn't want to be her friend? Wow, I want to watch all the movies all over again!

Kat said...

These make me want to watch all the movies over again, too! I wanted to do a long marathon, but didn't find the time before the premiere. Thanks for posting these pics, Lu! :)

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