Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly Character Chatter

This week I'm chatting about Sookie Stackhouse

Breed: Human / (you know if you read the books)

Age: 25 years old (Seasons 1-3, Books 1-2)
26 years old (Books 3-7)
27 years old (Books 8-10) 

Love Interests:

Bill Compton
Eric Northman


Fav quote:

"Eric: "Some might think you suicidal."

Sookie: "Well, 'some' can stick it up their ass." 

Fun facts:

In the HBO series True Blood, based on the The Southern Vampire Mysteries, Sookie is portrayed by Academy Award-winning actress Anna Paquin.

Sookie is a human being with telepathic powers!


What i think:

Sookie is so much fun! I love reading about her life :)

What do you think?

Do you think True Blood does justice to the books?


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