Sunday, September 5, 2010

Musing Mondays

This weekly meme is hosted by Should Be Reading

This week’s musing…
If you knew you only had 30 days left to live, would books and reading still hold such a great priority in your life? Or, would you set aside your reading to do something else, spend more of your time elsewhere? What would you do, instead?
I would put my books aside yes. Maybe read one or two on a plain trip to some country i have always wanted to visit. I would eat pizza everyday, spend more time with my family and tell my friends what i really think of their boyfriends. I would tell everyone i love, that i love them everyday. I like my life and won't change too much.

I by no means feel like i miss out on life with my reading. When I'm not reading i feel like I'm not doing enough :)


Danielle said...

I don't think I would put aside my reading totally. Reading is what I love. But I would spend some more time with my family.

caite said...

nope, I would not stop reading, certainly not totally. but I might cut back a bit because I would be traveling! maybe I would finally get an

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

There seems to be a theme...more connecting with others, but no, let's not toss out the books, either.

Here's mine:

Lori said...

I have a simular feeling about reading, as it is a part of me. Here's My Monday Musing.

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