Thursday, September 2, 2010

Booking Through Thursday!

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"Even though it’s usually a mistake (grin) … do movies made out of books make you want to read the original?"

Definitely! It has happened numerous times that i watch a movie and find out later that it was originally a book. I then pick up the book as soon as i can. Other times i watch a movie that was based on a book i have already read, and then reread the book after the movie!

And you?


gautami tripathy said...

For period dramas, I do read the books afterwards.

Here is my BTT: Film to Books post!

Savannah said...

Sometimes. Sometimes the movie is horrible and I don't want to read the book because I felt the movie ruin it. Now I read the book, before I see the movie.

Audra said...

Usually if I see a movie before I've read the book, I love both. Often if I see a movie after I've read the book, I dislike it. The rare exception was The English Patient -- I thought the film brilliantly translated the book.

Lu said...

I must say i lower my expectations dramatically when i have already read the book. Because the movie will never be as good. So hey by lowering my expectations i am never disappointed!

Sullivan McPig said...

It depends on if i liked the movie or not.

chelleyreads said...

I agree with Sullivan McPig.


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