Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekly Question

If you could invite one author for dinner. Who would it be? And why?

I would definitely invite JK Rowling! I love the Harry Potter series and i would like to meet the mastermind behind it all!
And of course ask her to adopt me :)


FionaChan said...

I'm going to say the same for that question!! :D especially the adopt me part. HAHAHAHA!

unless a super hot and awesome and rich and perfect hot male author appears.. still not sure that I would give up a dinner with JK Rowling for him!

Lu said...

Lol Fiona :)
I have never really paid attention if there is a hot male author out there tho? I wonder...

Savannah said...

Hmmmm, I have dinner with Jeaniene Frost. I would like to ask questions like how she came up with her characters and how she writes :)

Lu said...

Whats your fav Frost book Savannah? So i can have a look at it :)

Sullivan McPig said...

Just one?
Hmmm.... Neil Gaiman.

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