Monday, August 30, 2010

Musing Mondays

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This week’s musing…
How often do you actually put into practice what you learn from reading nonfiction books (if you read nonfiction, that is)?
I hardly read nonfiction. But when i do, i do remember the lessons and i do remember the facts. But i don't try and enforce a change in my life. I think books change your life anyway, without you even knowing it. I think its the lessons your learn unknowingly that make a bigger difference, than trying to force yourself to change. We as humans are stubborn, and when you "have" to do something, we don't. Just like we "have" to diet. We don't. But its life changing lessons than really affect you without you even knowing that will have a deeper impact.

We'll that's what i think anyway, I hope it makes sense :)

Lol I'll stop rambling now :)


caite said...

I find the idea that our non-fiction reading..or for that matter our fiction reading...must be somehow useful and practical not something I agree with. The more useless, the better, in my mind! ;-)

Kate said...

I like your unique perspective! I try to apply what I learn from nonfiction, but life changing lessons definitely have a much greater impact than anything I read! Here's my answer:

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