Monday, August 23, 2010

Musing Mondays

This weekly meme is hosted by Should Be Reading

This week’s musing…
If your house was burning down –and you could SAFELY grab a book on your way outside to safety– what book would you make sure you ‘rescued’? Why?
How can i answer this!! HOW
I'd grab the entire Harry Potter collection! I can't choose and i won't, don't make me :(

Lol but i would probably grab my laptop with my e-books :) Does that count?
If not my ipod?

Or my current read at that point as it would probably be in my hand already :)

Lol I'm now so worked up trying to figure out what I should take and what I should leave! I'll probably have nightmares :P

What would you take?


Rebecca said...

Definitely my Kerouac books - I did my dissertation on his Dulouz series and reading them isn't just to enjoy his prose and poetry, but to relive a certain period of my life (and feel quite proud of my first class result).

P.S - I think I was your 90th follower!

gautami tripathy said...

I will try to save all my books. Here is my Musing Mondays post!

Ava said...

Haha I can imagine trying to grab all the books I wanted...It might not turn out so well! I have too many to choose from, but grabbing my laptop is probably what I'd have to do.

Lu said...

Thanks Rebecca!

Will have a look at all of your Musing Mondays :)

caite said...

really, it is an impossible question!

Anonymous said...

I would try to take my kindle, lol
Otherwise, my current fave is Mind Games by Carolyn Crane :)

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I know what you mean...I'll be obsessing about this issue now!

Here's my musing:

Anna Lee said...

I love this question! Here is the RTP answer!

Romancing The Page - if your house burnt down..

TheBookishSnob said...

I think that's every book lovers nightmare. How could you possibly choose just one?

Here's my musing

Enjoy your week :)

readerbuzz said...

I much prefer Google Reader to RSS, so I've just become an official follower there.

One book? House burning down? I'm afraid if I tried to take just one book, it would result in a massive domino effect that would accelerate the fire's destructive range! Better just let the whole thing go down.

Anonymous said...

I'll grab my journal or the Kindle!

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