Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekly Question

Do you prefer hardcovers or paperbacks?

I personally prefer paperbacks!
They are easier to read in the bath :)


Savannah said...

To me is doesnt matter.

Cass said...

Hardbacks are for those I LOVE. I like how HBs look on a bookshelf...however, I do have to agree it's an added concern when reading them.

All in all, it's a book. HB or PB doesn't really matter.

Twisted Book Junkie said...

I own both. I read both types of books. It reallydepends on what is going on for me to pick a certain type of book.

Paperbacks are lighter to carry around. They also take up less room on the shelves.

Hardcover last a lot longer and you don't have to worry so much about accidently bending pages as you travel.

Both are great but right now I'm trying to switch over to ebooks because it is nice to be able to read and not kill so many of our trees. I'm sort of partial to oxygen!

*great question*


Chasidy Jean said...

I own both, read both, but I still prefer paperbacks because it's so much easier to carry around. Sometimes I carry two if not three books with me in my purse. It's a big purse. LOL. Can you imagine how heavy they would be if it were hardcovers?

Lu said...

I love hearing about others book habits :)

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