Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going on a Excavation (so will be away)

I'm going on a excavation till the 10th of August! For those who don't know, i stay in South Africa and the excavation takes place at Magoro Hill near the Middle Letaba Dam in Limpopo Province right here in sunny SA (although its cold at the moment)!

Indiana Jones Hat - check


(Mine is green though)

Protective Gaitors - check


Trowel - check


Audio books - check


(Mine is not that fancy though)

Seems I'm ready to go :)

I will miss blogging and will miss reading everyone's blogs! But i will have some scheduled posts :)
Please comment and I'll read them when i come back!

I'll also have some photos and fun stories when i come back :)

Happy Blogging all!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Wow! How exciting! I can't wait to see your pictures! Keep safe and have a wonderful time!

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Have a safe and fun trip. Then blog about it. -laura

misha1989 said...

Have a great time !
I just started my own blog. Please stop by if you can. Thank you


Caitlin said...


I'm Caitlin from ScarrletReader blog and I picked you to get a blog award. If you have already gotten the award I don't think you have to post about it again but I'm just letting you know that you were one of the blogs I picked to get the award! :) Please let me know if you accept it though! Here's a link: http: //


Twisted Book Junkie said...

That sounds like one amazing trip. I'm jealous. But in a good way.

How long will you be gone playing in the dirt :) ah, fun & learning all rolled into one.

Take care and I await wonderful pictures!!


Lu said...

Thanks for all the good wishes everyone!

I'm back and in one piece (few bruises) :)

Will blog and post pics as soon as i can!

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